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11. Moonlit Sailor - Colors in Stereo

When I first listened to the song "Hope" on this Swedish post-rock quartet's sophomore album "So Close to Life", I almost fucking cried. Literally. Not virtually, which is what many folks mean when they say the word "literally", but literally. It moved me that much. It's such a triumphant, beautiful and uplifting song. Little did I know back then that this band probably has hundreds of songs just like that in them. This album busts out another ten gems and unleashes them upon the world, and while every single track on here may not be quite as good as the aforementioned "Hope", many of them come damn close. There is a blurb on the band's web site under the description for this album that reads, "If you don't find it difficult to listen without being overwhelmed with emotion, you're not listening." Indeed. I dare you to listen to this album and be in a genuinely bad mood afterward. It simply can't be done. This music is transformative. It changes you. It affects you deeply, and in the most positive way. In truth, this album should probably be top ten material for sure, but in a year with so many ridiculously good albums (especially in this genre), the first runner-up spot ain't too shabby.
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