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Originally Posted by JRA
I am actually very interested to know why you love this song. Honestly not trying to give you shit or anything, I've just never heard anybody express any type of passion, positive or negative (the hate is usually reserved for CIPWM), towards this song. So if you wouldn't mind breakin it down for the class...
Ha, I dunno. I think it has an interesting melody that's a bit off-kilter from what they were typically doing around that time, and I also think it's interesting that it didn't have a big chorus (or one at all, really). And it ends with that gorgeous acoustic guitar riff. It's hard to call Maiden "experimental" in this phase of their career, but I think this song was them trying something a little different.

I'm not trying to diss the big staples of this album or anything, though. If it weren't for CIPWM, this would probably be my favorite Maiden album. The title track was the highlight of their show this summer.
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