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Yeah, they seem to be getting into a rut when it comes to what old songs they're playing. I'll still enjoy the show when I see them in feburary if this is the set though.

It's cool to see Alone In The Dark get played. I know they played all of The Legacy a couple years ago and that was great to see live, but it's kind of bothering me that Over The Wall is the only song that represents that album most of the time. It's a very good song but it's far from the best one. Burnt Offering's, Do Or Die, Alone In The Dark or Apacalyptic City would all be better choices.

What about giving The Preacher a rest and doing Erie Inhabitants or Trial By Fire for awhile instead? How about dropping 3 Days In Darkness and The Formation Of Damnation and playing Perilous Nation and Face In The Sky since those two haven't been done in forever. So Many Lies I think would be a nice addition to. Most of all though they are touring for an excellent new album, I would like to see them add one more song from it. A Day In The Death, Man Kills Mankind or Throne Of Thorns would be good.

I've been getting better at not over analyzing what a band does and doesn't play on here over the last year or so, because i've realized that complaining about what is and isn't played doesn't change anything. But Testament's unchanging setlist over the last few tours is really starting to baffle me quite a bit
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