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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
5 Things To Improve WWE
1. Get rid of Heyman: Whether Punk is Heel or Face, he doesn't need someone to talk for him, his mic skills are phenominal.
2. Get Sheamus out of the spotlight: He's boring.
3. Get John Cena out of the spotlight: He's boring
4. PG? No, go back to TV-14, we need that to make the product not so stale.
5. Diva's in Playboy
1. Guys like Mr. Perfect, Rick Rude and The Original Four Horsemen were all great on the mic and could get it done on their own yet they all had managers. Perfect and Rude had Bobby Heenan and the Horsemen had JJ Dillion. They didn't need managers to help them talk, rather they needed managers to help them get even more heat and to help them cheat during matches, like distracting the ref or the opponet so their guy can get the advantage or cause a DQ loss so their man can still keep their championship. They also come in handy during matches if you want someone to throw an illegal object in the ring.

Just think of how annoyed people were when Mr. Perfect talked about how great he was then he had a no good piece of shit manager like Heenan to keep talking up the same thing after Perfect is done. In the case of Punk, Heyman is this kind of old school manager. Once Punk gets done crowing about how great he his, and the fans think he's done, here comes Heyman on the mic to talk up the same stuff Punk did using different words. That really grates on the crowd and helps to get more boos from them. Punk's heel turn didn't full complete until Heyman came along. He was still getting 50/50 reactions, but once Heyman was added he gets mostly boos now. Heyman is doing his job of helping his guy to get heat from the crowd perfectly.

2. Sheamus actually puts on some pretty solid TV and PPV macthes. The problem is his face character isn't serious enough.

3. Cena needs to take a vacation, a long vacation. But since he's winning the title from The Rock at mania that's not happening and won't happen until the next "face of the company" is ready to step up. Right now they don't have that guy, so Cena can't leave yet.

4. Agreed. PG is a big part of the problem. I've gone back and forth on this over the last couple years but it's obvious now that it's a negative. After the attitude era going back to PG is a regression on the companies part. This isn't the 80s anymore where PG was the only rating. It would also help if they had a clue as to how a write a good PG product, that can be done if they had the right people writing the shows.

It also doesn't help that Vince seems completely clueless as to what kind of shows are getting the ratings on cable TV today. People are watching shows like Sons Of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Dexter, The Walking In Dead, ect. in greater numbers than people who are watching RAW and Smackdown in the US right now. It's nice that the WWE wants to be the cable TV alternative to that but in order to stay relevant and fresh they need to push the envelope like other cable shows do, otherwise they won't be around in another 15-20 years.

5. That doesn't matter to me, it was always the least talented ones (Torrie Wilson, Christy Hemme, Maria) that did that anyways. I'd rather have them concentrate on having a good Divas division again. Yes, the division has never been a huge draw in the WWE, but when it was done well it helped the overall quality of the shows.