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39. Suspyre - Suspyre

The first of a few that came to my attention due to MPF. Being a progressive metal band from NJ, there was an instant comparison to Symphony-X on my part. It was totally justified as well, given Suspyre have many overlapping qualities. Suspyre tune lower, and therefore sound 'darker' and more aggressive, but not in terms of riffage, just in tone. Regardless, the latest release from this band is promising. Incredibly heavy passages are followed by light, quintessential progressive softies with soothing synths. The vocalist is very powerful, and legitimately sounds a but like Russel Allen. The only negative thing that truly comes to my mind is a few songs just aren't memorable, which is where Symphony have them left in the dust. Suspyre could honestly be a much bigger deal in the prog circle, however I feel this is holding them back. This is much easier said than done of course, however I feel these guys have it in them. The quality of some songs is truly stellar. I look forward to seeing their advancement as a band, but until then, this will suffice. In case it needs to be said, if you like Symphony-X and Dream Theater, at the very least try.


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