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The more I think about the whole situation regarding Manowar's new album, the angrier I'm getting. At this point, I don't care that they released a half complete version, nor do I care that they ended up releasing a better version (in fact, it's good that they released the second one).

What I don't understand is why you can't buy the new one anywhere. The only place I've seen is on their website for the low, low price of $20, or on eBay for even more. I think I even remember the band posting a status update on Facebook being surprised that the album wasn't available in North America, but I'm sure they could make it available if they tried.

As somebody who doesn't think they are a complete joke (yet), I don't understand why they are making it difficult for their fans to hear their new album. I've heard bits and pieces on YouTube, but it doesn't replace actually having the CD.

Another thing that bothers me (more than the bad production) is that one of the songs, "El Gringo", doesn't have the terrible bass fuzz! And that's the song that was released first.
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