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40. Tesseract - Perspective

EP released by the UK progressive metal band. This release is more ambient than anything, but it still retains progressive roots for sure. The singer did leave the band shorty after this release, not that that is anything of a surprise for this band, but it's interesting to have a background. All in all, acoustic proggy music that is great to relax to, and analyze for those music tech junkies out there. It's what one would expect out of Tesseract, and that is by no means a bad thing. They did release a single called 'Nocturne' with their new singer this year too, and that is a great song which has me looking forward to the album. It's NOT on this EP, however I feel it's worth mentioning since it is still relevant to 2012. I'll be posting two songs, the latter one I just mentioned and my personal favorite off of Perspective. They're both pretty different, and they both showcase the elements I love best of the band. Listen to it if you're feeling up to it.

Also, incredible artwork.

"Dream Brother" -

"Nocturne" -

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