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Scorpions -- Costa Mesa, CA -- July 31st, 2005

WOW! What a show!

I was not quite sure what to expect from UFO, so my expectations for them were not really high. I thought they may do lots of "newer" material that I was not familiar with. They far exceeeded my expectations however and put on one hell of a great opening act. Phil Mogg sounds fantastic and that guy is very muscular and ripped let me tell you! The guitarist who replaced M. Schenker was great! Jason Bonham pounds the drums really f*cking hard just like dear old dad! They were LOUD clear and very tight and polished!

Here is their set:

Mother Mary
Let It Roll
When Daylight Comes To Town(?)
I'm A Loser
Only You Can Rock Me
Baby Blue(?)
Too Hot To Handle
Love To Love
Lights Out
Doctor Doctor
Shoot Shoot

If you dont have UFO's Live album "Strangers In The Night" I highly recommend it It includes all these songs except the 2 I did not know and more!

Next came the SCORPIONS!

New Generation
Love Em Or Leave Em
Bad Boys Running Wild
The Zoo
Make It Real
Deep 'n Dark
Coast To Coast
Holiday (full version)
In Trance (gave me chills)
Wind Of Change
Loving You Sunday Morning
Tease Me Please Me
Kottak Attack (drum solo)
He's A Woman, She's A Man
Hit Between The Eyes
Big City Nights
Coming Home
No One Like You
Still Loving You
Rock You Like A Hurricane
When The Smoke Is Going Down

The sound was TERRIFIC!!! The crowd was really into the Scorps, everyone was standing the entire show! If Bruce would have seen this American crowd being very "spiritually alive" he would really have been jealous and inserted his foot further into his mouth! The only low point of the show for me was the drum solo. After seeing Neil Peart do drum solos none compare! Klaus sounded incredible for being close to 60! Got to see the guys up close after the show as they were about to enter their limos! I got a high 5 from Matthias Jabbs!!!!

Great Fucking Show!!!!!!!
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