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Week 27

Twelve Foot Ninja- Mother Sky
Stick To Your Guns- Against Them All
Miss May I- Hey Mister
Serj Tankian- Cornucopia
Siamese Fighting Fish- Party Like Charlie Sheen
The Night Flight Orchestra- Miami 5:02
Adrenaline Mob- Undaunted
Bejelit- Don't Know What You Need
Havok- Cradle To the Grave
Testament- Native Blood
Prong- List of Grievances
Overkill- Electric Rattlesnake
Stone Sour- Influence Of A Drowsy God
God Forbid- Scraping The Walls
Loch Vostok- Seeker
Eluveitie- Meet The Enemy
Swallow the Sun- Silent Towers
Nachtmystium- Dawn Over the Ruins of Jerusalem
Screaming Savior- Star of Fatality
Bane- In Endless Silence
Naglfar- Come Perdition
Chapel- Satan's Rock 'N' Roll
Napalm Death- Everyday Pox
Vision Of Disorder- Loveless
Stealing Axion- Mirage Of Hope
Atoma- Skylight
Cloudkicker- LA After Rain
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