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14: Wu-Tang Clan

Group: Wu Tang Clan
Genre: Hip Hop
Venue: The Grove of Anahiem
Location: Anahiem California
Date: January 18th, 2012.

This was my 5th or 6th time seeing Wu Tang it was another great show once again(i'm pretty certain it was my 6th time, ahhaa damn i've seen wu tang too many times). Kind of a big venue for a group like Wu Tang, but then again wu tang has headlined big arenas played by black sabbath, judas priest, slayer, iron maiden and many other acts, but usually those are when they are on big hip hop festivals, or big tours such as the rage against the machine/wu tang summer tour during 2007 which i was lucky enough to attend. This show definitely didn't have the same raw power and energy as the wu tang/rage show back in summer of 2007 but the group was still a force to be reckoned with. RZA was just insane on the microphone, Masta Killa sound better live than on his album counterparts and that nigga is in his 40s, and method man was just spitting bullets left and right, such a beast on the microphone. Every member brought their A-GAME and it was a grand time seeing a legendary group once again. The only downfall was Ghost face and raekwon were a no show and The venue was just too be big for a straight up Wu Tang Show. I saw Wu Tang Clan in december of 2008 at a tiny little house of blues in hollywood and the sound, atmosphere was just totally different in comparison to this recent show. This venue was pretty big especially for a show being headlined by one act. I remember this was the same exact venue that i was at for a metal festival held back in march of 2009 which included Suffocation, Carcass, Repulsion, White Chappel, Toxic Holocaust, Exodus and many other acts. It was crazy seeing just one rap group headline this big ass venue. I've seen wu tang clan play at ampitheatres headlined by black sabbath, judas priest, iron maiden slayer, and many other legends, but those were usually on big billed festival tours(like the rage against the machine/wu tang 2007 tour for example), although it was still a mind fuck seeing the Clan headline those big amphitheaters shows, but it was even more special and intimate to see them in tiny little clubs that can hold only a couple hundred people(which i was lucky enough to attend at in 2008 ). This was a great show but not the best out of all the times i had seen the Clan. Hopefully next time they decide to play at a much more smaller club like the house of blues show back in 2008.
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