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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
228.) Sabaton- Carolus Rex[/b]

Easily, without question, Power Metal album of the year. Sabaton has been one of my favorite Power Metal bands for years and they just keep outdoing themselves every time. Even with losing 4/6ths of the band this year, they wrote a fantastic album that lives up to the Sabaton name. War Metal at it's finest, well besides Bolt Thrower, but that's Death Metal. If you like your Power Metal epic heavy and full of fun, get this album now.

Interesting take on this one. I enjoyed it, but felt it was not as good as Coat of Arms (their best album IMO). There are some good songs, but only one classic (the title track). I initially rated it an 8.5, but would probably give it a bit lower now.

Also, the 4/6ths of the band that left did record that album, but none of them are songwriters for the band, so the songs should sound the same on Sabaton's future records.

233.) Cannibal Corpse- Torture

This was and in a lot of ways still is, My Death Metal album of the year. Many older fans, and hipster young kids will disagree with me. but Kill is Cannibal Corpse's finest work. And I feel this album captures a lot of what was on that album in sheer brutality. There is no reinventing the wheel for Cannibal Corpse they have two speeds, killer fast, or brutally slow. Both equal out to some amazing Torture (pun intended). If you don't like this album, you are not a real Death Metal fan.

Agreed. This one really set the bar high early in the year. This is probably one of the most noticeable death metal records where each song is different. I'll have a lot more to say about this record in my end of year thread as well.
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