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Originally Posted by rjturtle9 View Post
These next couple of months are going to be very interesting...
No it won't, it's the calling card of the modern day WWE product to be boring, predictable and bland. The last few Wrestlemanias have been bad and they show no signs of getting their heads out of their asses anytime soon. There's just no hype or buzz around anything anymore. They don't give people a reason to watch live every week like they used to. This week's RAW did a 2.5 rating which translates to only around 3.5 million viewers.

The rating's have been this bad since the Punk heel turn, including hitting 15 year lows three times this year. Yet, Vince does nothing to change the product and seriously switch things up. He did it with the Attitude era and then he did it with the brand split. It's been ten years and he hasn't made a significant program shakeup since the brand seperation. What the hell happened to Vince's balls and his willingness to change the product when the time came?

It's a shame the WWE is so bad and uninteresting right now because they have as much talent on the roster as they ever had. There are guys I really like on the roster and they still wrestle good macthes when given time on TV and PPV. But they just don't give fans a reason to care anymore and you can tell when you go to a WWE show today. Fans just go to have something to do and are not emotionally invested in anything unlike during the attitude era when every fan in the arena was into the show and 90 percent of the wrestlers got an honest emotional reaction from the fans.
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