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MITB isn't the best way for Cena to get a title match with Rock at all. MITB is always when will they cash it in? With a Cena/Rock title match at Wrestlemania they won't want any guesses. They'll want people to know that the match is happening 100%. So that's why Cena will probably win MITB and the Royal Rumble. I'd say the Rumble is the more likely situation. Rock wins the title at the Royal Rumble, Cena wins the Royal Rumble later in the evening, Rock comes out, they stare down, the fucking Wrestlemania logo is in the background, they look at it, one points, it's getting old. (Just imagine Rock and Cena in that clip.)

As far as those two bozo's being in the main-event again. You guys have to remember that the WWE knows the real fans will buy the event wether it's Cena/Rock in the main event or a much better match like Punk/Ziggler. They already have your money. They want the casual fans with a passing intrest to buy, and a match like Punk/Ziggler will NOT bring those people in. That's why we get Cena/Rock II. And when Cena wins it will lead to the ultimate tie-breaker at Wrestlemania 30. It's all falling into place.

I haven't even watch WWE much for five years but this gets me bitter again.
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