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Originally Posted by rjturtle9 View Post
My big fear for the next PPV is actually Dolph Ziggler losing his MitB briefcase to Cena. Please god don't let that happen.

Everyone knows Wrestlemania next year is gonna be Rock and Lesnar for the belt. Although I don't think that's the best match to have as the main event, nor do I like Brock in the slightest sense, it's still gonna make me want to watch that's for sure.
No, the main event for Mania will be Cena/Rock 2 for the WWE championship. I thought the writing was on the wall for that once Rock got the title match at the Rumble. Lesnar and Rock makes no sense, two part timers shouldn't be fighting for the title ever. Lesnar and HHH will have a rematch at Mania and Punk with wrestle The Undertaker.

I think that Cena winning Dolph's MITB contract is probably the route they'll take for Cena to get a title match with The Rock. Dolph is never gonna be world champion because he's simply not world championship material. He's great at selling his oppents offense and making them look like a million bucks and his in ring skill is solid. But the dude can't talk for shit, nothing he says has any feeling or passion to it. He can't connect with the fans on the level that's needed to be a world champ. Proof of that is he's in the same exact spot he was three years ago. He makes an awesome IC or US champ but the world title just isn't for him. Ziggler just doesn't have "it" and as much as people like to shit all over Cena at least he does have "it".

Would you ever make Dean Malenko world champ? No. Dolph is the same kind of great mid card performer Dean was. No more, no less.
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