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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
So, news has come out the CM Punk had knee surgery yesterday to repair a partially torn miniscus. He won't be able to compete at the next PPV. So Ryback is teaming up with Kane and Daniel Bryan to take on The Shield in a six man TLC match instead.

This match actually makes more sense since Ryback should be looking for revenge against The Shield for intefering in his title match last month. It sucks that Punk is hurt but you could just tell by the way he looked on RAW this week that he's been getting run ragged right now. So maybe a little time off to heal up will help him and he won't be such a cranky old man like he was this week on RAW.

He will recover in time for his match against The Rock next month. Because if anyone should end Punk's long reign it should be a part timer who hasn't done shit to earn the title match, instead of someone currently on the roster who might actually benefit from doing something that huge, right? They had the perfect setup for a Punk/Miz fued this week on RAW but they can't do that because everyone's precious little Rocky needs to come back so everyone can suck his cock just a bit more.
The WWE always run that risk when they put all their eggs in one basket, like with Punk. The usual default was to put the title on Cena.

I agree 100% on your gripe with the Rock and the title. They did that all the time back in 2001/2002 with him leaving for months and then coming back and getting the title in his first match. It's only worse now that instead of a few months he's been gone for years. I really don't see the logic. If they're going for Rock/Cena II at Wrestlemania it doesn't need the title to add heat to match. And all that will lead to is another Cena title reign.
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