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Wizard_in_Black, your review from the past and the present Napalm Death shows sums up my experience perfectly. I first saw ND in 2006 headlining on the Smear Campaign Tour in this really small club here in Boise. It was a poor turnout probably because there was no publicity for the show at all, I live here and I only knew it was coming because I saw it on the Napalm Death website. I had to tell the record store here that I bought the tickets from that they were in fact selling tickets for this show. It was a fantastic concert though, sound and setlist were good and Barney came out afterwards and talked to people and signed the CD booklets I had brought.

When I saw them a few weeks ago, it was a bad vibe, short setlist, bad sound, everything that was good before was not, I have already reviewed it here so I will leave it at that. Hope they can get a proper headlining tour again with good sound soon.
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