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Sepultura69's Best shows of 2012 extravaganza!!!

I did something similar to this last year as well as the year before that and its time to bring it back folks!!! Although the other two threads where on the general chat section and it was more of a thread for everyone to post their best/worst shows of the year, but this time around i decided to just make my own list on this section of the forum, plus the fact that I had been gone for a couple of months has caused me to lagg out on making a thread similar to the ones that I had posted on previous years in the general chat section so fuck it, i'm a go solo on this..

First of all I wanna say that this list will include both Heavy Metal and Hip Hop shows. There are also three shows that I plan on attending this month before the year ends. Those shows happen to be

High on fire - December 21st. LAST METAL SHOW OF 2012 and its on the end of the world!!!

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill them All Christmas Show - December 23rd. Yup, may come off as pretty shocking to those that know me pretty well on this site. People change, time changes, and more importantly our tastes change, both in FOOD AND MUSIC. Yes, there was a time when i use to shit on OFWGKTA, and diss on all the members of this board for liking them. Feel free to shit on me for the change of taste. I will totally admit that I use to hate odd future with a passion but hey man, times changes, people change, so move on. I'm pretty sure bloodofkings and other members are probably rolling their eyes when they read this post. Yes people, I like Odd future now, in fact i fucking love them. I love them so much that I purchased a ticket to go see them on december 23rd with a couple of friends.

Planet Asia - December 12th - this will be my 5th time seeing Planet Asia!!! W00t w00t!!!

Even though I still have three shows to attend before I make my final verdict I still have a chuck full of shows to be dished out as of now while we progress our way down to the end of the year. I have to leave to work right now but as soon as i get off and get back on this bitch I will start dishing out posts like mother fucker. Hope people are going to enjoy this thread just as much as I am...

Alright peepz, i gotta head out to work and start feeding my wallet some george washingtons
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer

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