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Originally Posted by christopher View Post
I thought the show sold out? My friend went to get a ticket at the window but couldn't. .
Dude I'm pretty certain the show didn't sell out. When i'm at a sold out show and i'm practically standing right next to the band I usually feel a painfull crush of waves filled with people bouncing on one another that are trying to get in front of the other guy getting in front of the other guy getting front OF THAT OTHER GUY, not being able to catch one bit air, feeling your insides being crushed, the list goes on. Unfortunately This is exactly what happened to me at the Kreator show which was only 24 hours prior to this show. Napalm Death was the total Opposite. As i have already said 100 times now ahahhaha, I was literally standing less than a couple inches from Mitch and there was absolutely no one touching me or even near me, and I'm standing right next to the goddamn guitarist?!?! Usually 99 percent of the time there is always someone right behind me moving around and i can feel them kind of kneeling on me, or kinda shoving, but not for this show. I WAS CLEAR OF EXESS SPACE, BABY!!! I really think the turn out was just not very good. Thats one thing i always remember about that show, it was sunday night, shitty turn out for a legendary band.

Originally Posted by christopher View Post
Anyways, I'll never forget that night. I remember standing outside the Key Club after the show and almost seeing Shane die. Remember that cross walk from the Key Club to the tattoo place? Well Shane was crossing there after the show, and some guy drove down Sunset at 100 mph and literally tore the shirt out of the guys hand that was walking right next to Shane. The car came withing a foot of them
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