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Originally Posted by christopher View Post
Wasn't the show on a Sunday? I think I had to close that night and got off at 9:15 and headed straight to the show after work. I remember getting there right when Kataklysm started Like Angels Weeping. It was perfect since that was the only song I like by them haha
Yeah it was on a sunday. I remember because i had an epic two day concert fest in hollywood that week. First i went to go see kreator with Exodus at the house of blues in hollywood on may 2nd, and then i went back to hollywood may 3rd to see napalm death shah. The best part about those two days is that I didn't drive at neither never trips to hollywood. Although the night we saw kreator it kinda got ugly because our friend got his car towed while we were in the show because his dumb ass parked in a place that needs permits so we spent from 1 am - 4 am trying to hunt and get our friends car back out, we eventually got back safely to our homes by five in the morning. Wasn't very fun, oh and the show was not even close to awesomeness or intensity of napalm death. Don't get me wrong, I had a blast at kreator but napalm death the very next night just blew me away on another level. Was a very exhausting two days to say the least. ahahah but yes, to answer your question yes it was on a sunday my friend.
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