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Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
Our show didn't have a very great turn out either. I kind of liked that because it gave me the perfect opportunity to be right next to the band and rock out right next to Mitch through out his performance. At the most recent napalm death show with municipal waste it was so goddamn packed and by the time it was mid set i JUST Wanted to get the fuck out of the floor because it was becoming impossible for to breath and move, so goddamn packed. But i'm pretty sure the only reason the show was super packed was because of the line up because napalm death wasn't even close to what you would call "filled" when i saw them four years before this show.
I thought the show sold out? My friend went to get a ticket at the window but couldn't. Anyways, I'll never forget that night. I remember standing outside the Key Club after the show and almost seeing Shane die. Remember that cross walk from the Key Club to the tattoo place? Well Shane was crossing there after the show, and some guy drove down Sunset at 100 mph and literally tore the shirt out of the guys hand that was walking right next to Shane. The car came withing a foot of them.
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