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Originally Posted by christopher View Post
I think the last time we hung out was after the Autopsy show. Time seriously does fly. I definitely want to hit up the Corona show. I'm not sure how I feel about the LA show since its an all day fest at some shit hole. Master is also playing the Slidebar, so we definitely have to hit that one up since it is free! I can't believe its been three and a half years since I have seen Master. They will definitely blow you away!
Yeah, the slide bar date is the date i originally intended on going to(it's on my sig), but i just can't wait that long!!! I really wanna see these guys as soon as possible, but if the LA show sounds as sketchy as you make it out to be then i will just go to the corona show cause it's not too far of a drive from my pad, and the slide bar is always a grand time since its very close to me and the shows are FREE, FREE FREE. I recently went and saw Agent Orange with some friends at the slide, i'm not too familiar with their work or very big on the genre of Punk rock but my friends took me with them and i had a grand time. and its always cool to get into different music.

The only downfall is one of our buddies got totally fucked in the pit and we ended up at the fullerton hospital till like 3 AM. That's why i don't fuck with pits anymore, my days of moshing are over. I learned my lesson after getting annhihlated in a pit at a sepultura show, it was actually their most recent tour which was this year with Death Angel and krisian as opening acts. Don't really wanna ramble or go into to details but long story short, I GOT HARDCORE DECKED IN THE HEART during "Escape to the void", like elbowed right in the fucking heart, felt like a dumbel smashed into me... i was in horrific excruciating pain in my heart/chest area, it felt like a knife was stabbing me in the heart every fucking time that i tried to breath. The only time i wasn't in pain was when i wasn't moving or breathing. It was to put of the worst three weeks of my life. I hated every second of my life. I couldn't do anything. Literally..... breathing was painful as shit, laughing was painful to the point where i could kill myself, I had to find certain positions to sleep and by the time i finally got deep in my sleep i would get up from getting the most horrific stab like beatings to my chest. i'd find myself waking up at three in the morning every night due to this horrific pain. One time i called 911 at three in the morning because i thought i was having a heart attack.... .. I had to call off work during those weeks...

After Two MRIs, three Cat scans, and four different chest/rib X-rays and some meds, oh and about twelve visits to the doctor and a couple of radiology centers I finally got back to normal, it was a really crazy life long lesson I learned, and i feel like no one who has gone through what I or most people have gone through will continue to pit and do karatweels stage diving until it happens... ahahha sorry for the random ramble. i tend to do these kind shit in every thread, my bad

so to continue, FUCKING MASTER!!!!
8/31 - Sleep
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