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Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
Thanks man, like wise, and long time no see. Haven't been in th3se parts of the alley in a cool minute, ahahha although i did run into srm90(scott) at the napalm death/municipal waste show recently.

But yeah, i'm thinking about hitting up the LA show as well, or possibly the corona show. April 1st is too far away and I must see MASTER!!!!

damn, it feels like it was just yesterday that the BLVD show was announced, then cancelled, then the dates for this for tour get posted like almost a year ago ahahah. Time flies by like a bird my friend.
I think the last time we hung out was after the Autopsy show. Time seriously does fly. I definitely want to hit up the Corona show. I'm not sure how I feel about the LA show since its an all day fest at some shit hole. Master is also playing the Slidebar, so we definitely have to hit that one up since it is free! I can't believe its been three and a half years since I have seen Master. They will definitely blow you away!
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