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Originally Posted by w00tasaurus View Post
I guess I mean more of a metalcore sound than "pop" lol I sort of put them in the same category. And I just don't like her voice, I find it unpleasant.

Anyway I didn't mean to turn this into trash-talking eluveitie. I respect them and I will attempt to listen to Helvetios again. But why no songs from their first 2, arguably better albums? Seems like they just made a very conscious departure to a more mainstream sound. Bands that ignore their early material always upset me, and a band that doesn't play a single song out of 2 albums is strange indeed.
Gotcha. Everyone has their opinion and I respect that! However for this tour in the North American market they are playing their entire Helvetios album. Thus they will have to make some cuts in terms of songs. Most times they play songs from all their albums. I have even heard Uis Elveti live. I have heard lots of songs from Slania including a sing-a-long of Slania's Song. For this tour a different setup. Inis Mona and Tagernako in an encore with Divicio should be good!

Originally Posted by w00tasaurus View Post
^my bad for not bothering to check what the last few songs were and making assumptions

tagernakos a good addition certainly

They have closed with this song all 7 times I have seen them. I was hoping that trend would not change!
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