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221.) High On Fire- De Vermis Mysteriis

Ah yes, Matt Mike and Co came back this year with a brand new album for all the Stoner Metal fans that want something faster then 90 BPM. For some reason everyone stopped talking about this album pretty much right after it came out. And that is a shame because it is a fantastic album. There is some great dynamics and songwriting that you expect from Matt Pike. Snakes For The Divine is probably my favorite HOF album, but this isn't far behind. Hopefully people will come back to this album and enjoy it because it's worth it. Every song is badass and of prime High On Fire quality.


222.) Sonata Arctica- Stones Grow Her Name

"I GOT A SHITLOAD OF MONEY!" What else do you need to know about this album? If you can stomach that, well you are a stronger person than I. This is in my top 5 for most disappointing albums of the year, event he last album was good, this is just....awful. Granted a couple songs are listenable and enjoyable, but still not worth hearing the whole album. This is the St. Anger of Sonata Arctica's career.


223.) Krallice- Years Point Matters

One of the best Black metal albums to ever be released. Krallice is an experimental Black Metal band that actually knows how to capture a person's interest. It's a long album, there is no denying that. also given that the song titles are ridiculous IIIIIIII is the shortest title and expands on that. Despite that, again like most things a band should be able to do, the music makes up for any shortcomings that make you skeptical. This is a pure Masterpiece of Experimental Black Metal.


224.) Bison B.C.- Lovelessness

One of the best bands no one ever talks about. Bison B.C. is carrying on in the tradition that Mastodon would have carried on with if they didn't go full on Prog (I'm not saying that in a bad way I love Mastodon). It's a very heavy and thought out Metal album with tons of dynamics. It's a sludgey album for sure, which can be a positive or negative thing if you like the style. but overall it's a nice, big Heavy Metal album that should be kicking your ass right now!


225.) NOFX- Self Titled

The best Punk album I have heard all year. Although in my defense, I don't listen to much Punk anymore, just the classic bands. There is nothing out of the ordinary with this album, it's a NOFX album, nothing you haven't heard before, but that's what makes Punk music Punk. It is fantastic. Basically if you know who they are, you know how this sounds.


226.) From Oceans To Autumn- Oath Of Eternals

Very Heavy, Metal influenced, Instrumental Post Rock. This is a fantastic album that I have yet to see ANYONE talk about. it has the dynamics of Post Rock with lots of Heavy moments that grab you and don't let go. If you dig Post Rock at all, you should fall in love with this album. It is quite fantastic all around.


227.) Bad Salad- Uncivilized

Honestly, I don't like the name at all and it kept me away from the band for a while. But that said once I gave it a shot, it is a killer Prog Metal album. I guess it is fair to say that Prog Metal bands don't usually have the best names, but it's not fair to judge them on band name alone. It's a big Dream theater influence in this band mixed with Porcupine tree as well.. They aren't Pyramid Theorem, but they are going to be a huge name int eh Prog Metal world if they keep up this quality of music.


228.) Sabaton- Carolus Rex

Easily, without question, Power Metal album of the year. Sabaton has been one of my favorite Power Metal bands for years and they just keep outdoing themselves every time. Even with losing 4/6ths of the band this year, they wrote a fantastic album that lives up to the Sabaton name. War Metal at it's finest, well besides Bolt Thrower, but that's Death Metal. If you like your Power Metal epic heavy and full of fun, get this album now.


229.) Rush- Clockwork Angels

I don't even think I have mentioned this album to anyone this year. Anywhere I go on the internet, my Facebook, etc. I just haven't talked about it. I have no clue why either. Clockwork Angels is easily the best Rush album since Signals, that's right, i said it! This masterpiece of a concept album took 30 years after signals to make (and several albums in between) but besides Snakes and Arrows (which I actually like a lot) nothing else since that time has Rush done anything that actually captured my interest and made me as big of a fan of the band. Rush, you have written your finest work in decades. I hope you can keep up this momentum for as long as you can. Prog Rock at its purest and finest form


230.) Goatwhore- Blood For The Master

Blackened Death Metal, you can't top this! Goatwhore is the finest band in Blackened Death Metal, and every album just gets better and better. This was in my Top 20 of the year for several months and it is still worthy of it to this day, although it's not in it. Like the name suggests, it is blasphemous Metal, and it's so damn good. If you're into this style of music, you will not find anything better to date, pick this up and hail satan!


231.) Sigh- In Somniphobia

One of the strangest albums I've heard in quite sometime that is so oddly catchy. Sigh is known for their Experimental blend of Metal. Avant Garde, Black Metal and Prog Metal all rolled into one. Japan is known for their better electronics, and usually better proficient bands, this is one shining example of how that is very, very true. pick this up for some oddly catchy experimental Progressive Black Metal.


232.) Suffer Well- Sorrows

A supergroup consisting of members of Anaal Nathrakh, 18Visions, Combichrist, Bleeding Through & Imperative Reaction. The best way to describe it is Blackened Metalcore. Kinda like what Bleeding Through has become. this is insane music that is awesomely good. A bit much to take if you are not familiar with any of the bands mentioned but worth checking out if it sounds like it can get your attention at all. So very damn impressive.


233.) Cannibal Corpse- Torture

This was and in a lot of ways still is, My Death Metal album of the year. Many older fans, and hipster young kids will disagree with me. but Kill is Cannibal Corpse's finest work. And I feel this album captures a lot of what was on that album in sheer brutality. There is no reinventing the wheel for Cannibal Corpse they have two speeds, killer fast, or brutally slow. Both equal out to some amazing Torture (pun intended). If you don't like this album, you are not a real Death Metal fan.


234.) Sybreed- God Is An Automation

Nothing from Sybreed will ever impress me as much as their debut album. It was the right mixture of Modern Metal at the time and it can't be touched. This gets kinda close, but it's still not the same to me. It's technically proficient and good songwriting, but it's just not for me. If you like the Modern Metal of the early to mid 2000's (Mnemic for example) then this is totally for you. It is a good album, there is no denying that, and many will argue this is their finest work to date. It might just take more listens for me to totally enjoy it as much as their first album. But it is worth the listen.


235.) Mombu- Zombi

What The bloody Hell is this? It's Improv Djenty Jazz Metal. You read that right. This was all improv like the great Jazz albums of yesteryear used to be. But it's as heavy as any Meshuggah album. for a lack of a better term, it's a complete and utter mindfuck For fans of John Zorn, Mike Patton and Meshuggah, this is for you. But to comprehend it, it will take a few weeks.


236.) The Mars Volta- Noctourniquet

This is most likely the best Mars Volta album in a decade. The dynamics on this album are awesome and something that has been missing over the last few albums. Either they have been pure chaos or over the top mellow. This is a mix of both, and that's what the fans really want. Dynamics are huge, even though most people don't think about that when it comes to music. TMV got it right this time around. While I'm not as big of a fan as I used to be. I can totally appreciate this album and enjoy it. It's great stuff.


237.) Troglodyte- Don't Go In the Woods

One of the best things to ever come out of Kansas. It's pure unadulterated Death Metal that utters barbaric lyrical content (usually about Sasquatch) The fact these guys aren't doing support slots for Death Metal tours across the country yet is heart breaking to me. They deserve to be one of the biggest names in the new era of Death Metal. And maybe in 2013 theyw ill.


238.) Halestorm- the Strange Case Of...

Halestorm....actually as I am writing this up they are on stage at First Avenue in Minneapolis. I stayed home. I like the first album a lot. The Covers EP is fantastic as well, the new album...the music is fantastic, but I am sick of Lzzy Hale. She has great pipes and of course hot as all Hell. But her lyrics are god awful. "Look at me, I'm hot, I wanna singing about sex so you buy our albums." If they are not about cheating on a girl who will give you better sex, it's about missing being in an abusive relationship. It's annoying, and it takes a lot for me to say that an album is ruined because of the lyrical content. That's the one advantage to Female Fronted Symphonic Metal, all they need to do is be hot to sell albums, not have to write about sex in every song. I'm not giving up on Halestorm, their next album will be make or break for me, but right now. I don't need to hear about sex to buy an album, that's no better than Nickelback.


239.) Knives Out!- Black Mass Hysteria

When anyone that was a part of Dog Fashion Disco makes an album i have no choice but to check it out. Knives out features members of Dog Fashion Disco and Nothingface and it is basically the heavier side of Dog Fashion Disco. Its Poppy but very Metal. While I don't even think this album would be in my top 100 albums of the year, it's still good. just a bit one sided. It's very much worth the listen if you think you'd dig this.


240.) Rumpelstiltskin Grinder- Ghostmaker

These guys have drastically changed their sound from their debut album. They started off as a Thrash band with some Melodic Death Metal thrown in. They now sound a lot like a Blackened Death Metal band with an occasional Thrash riff in a song or two. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, just very strange to me that a band can change that much. I haven't been able to give this album a lot of listens, but I absolutely love what I have heard. In a lot of ways it's as if testament stuck with the Demonic sound and added some Black Metal to it like Eric Peterson's side project Dragonlord has.

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