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September 8
Studio 7
Korpiklaani - Tyr - Moonsorrow - Metsatoll

This was my third time seeing Moonsorrow, and as they say... "Third Time's A Charm". They were absolutely mind blowing. Everything about this performance was far beyond the previous two times I had seen them, but I can't place what it was... maybe I just came into the show more open minded? The sound wasn't the best, but the performance and atmosphere they brought with them was jaw dropping.

Even better... my band got to open this show. Looking back on this show, I can say I enjoyed them more because they were one of the main reasons I stuck around. I had seen Korpiklaani numerous times, I knew what they were about. I've seen Tyr, not exactly my cup of tea, but still an amazing performance. The previous two shows I saw Moonsorrow at were when they opened for Finntroll (which was a very bad night for me), and (correct me if I'm wrong) the Pagan Knights tour (which was headlined, in my eyes, by Primordial).

Whatever it was, they start the list at number 12..... it's only going to get better from here
Dalla Nebbia

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