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John The Drummer's Top 12 Live Bands Ov 2012!

I don't have much time to go through and rate all of the CD's I heard this year, but I wanted to do some sort of list. I figured "Hey, I went to MDF this year, I saw a ton of bands..." THUS, I present to you all John The Drummer's Top 12 Live bands Ov 2012! I wanted to do a Top 10, but there were two bands that absolutely had to be on the list, thus making this top 12 .

It will begin tonight.... if I get the chance to do so.

1. Melechesh
2. Between the Buried and Me
3. Wintersun
4. Possessed
5. Napalm Death
6. Iron Maiden
7. Absu
8. Saint Vitus
9. Abigail Williams
10. Devin Townsend Project
11. Haemorrhage
12. Moonsorrow
Dalla Nebbia

Funeral Age


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