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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
My reasoning for why I will bitch when there is shit support for a band I'd like to see is its harder for me to want to shell out $30+ to just see the headliner. I have a hard time wanting to see a band play 70-90 minutes and then leave. If I shell out $ for the ticket and any other concert-related expenses I, personally, don't want to show up for just a headlining band and leave. I'd rather spend the $ on a whole concert I'd want to see.

Granted, if the headliner is someone I REALLY want to see and its not a long drive then yea I'll show up late. But the majority of the time I'd much rather see a whole show I want to see. Maybe some feel this way, maybe some don't.
Same for me regarding the "money well spent" aspect. Although the only time I really show up late is for large package tours (and most of the time that's because of work or other engagements, not because of choosing to do so). If there's a headliner I really wanna see, i'll sit through all the other bands I don't like or am unfamiliar with (this year's Metal Alliance tour for example). Someone else also mentioned the factor of getting a good spot inside. This is mainly a big deal if I have a floor ticket for a big arena or amphitheatre show, another case in which i'll just put up with any support bands I don't like.

In all fairness, I still dig Papa Roach's first 2 albums (especially lovehatetragedy which is extremely underrated as a hard rock album), though from what i've seen from their setlists over the last few years, they've barely played anything from those 2 albums.
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