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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post

And yes, they (and grunge in general) absolutely killed hair metal. Very thoroughly. And the world was better for it.
Of course you don't believe me,since you hate hair metal.Anyway,if Nirvana killed hair metal so badly,then why was it that the following year that Nevermind was released Def Leppard released Adrenalize that had four top 40 hits?why did FireHouse have a top 40 hit in 1995?why are there many hair bands still around today,some of the them still playing arenas?why are there many new hair bands having great success in the underground?some new hair bands are actually scoring top 40 hits in other countries outside of America.I'm sure you have tons of smart alec answers to this,but no matter what you or anybody says I'll always believe hair metal is still alive.
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