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Originally Posted by RampinUp46 View Post
Most of my German class: There's around twenty-six of us in class. Why is it that only five of us - myself included - pay attention? It's bad enough that we're overrun with freshmen and that there's literally somewhere between a fourth and a third (too lazy to do the actual math) of the school population that are so goddamn obsessed with "swag" and are dumber than a bag of sand. I swear to God, if the teacher doesn't snap and smack these two kids across the jaw with an oar, I will.

Stalker classmate: I hope you get hit by a bus you socially awkward poseur fuck. You somehow found my number (and my friend's number!) last year, started calling us over the summer, and completely missed us saying that we don't like you. When I tell the teachers that I want you away from me and they say they'll write you up if you come near me, that doesn't mean, "keep following me!". And by the way, trying to get me to like you by talking music won't work. Stop calling it melodic death metal when your influences all follow the "scream the verse, croon the chorus" formula. It won't impress me any more than that time when I had to explain to you who Ronnie James Dio was when you told me you knew a lot about Black Sabbath. That's entry level knowledge there dude, come on.

Various other idiots in my classes: This also applies to the aforementioned 1/4th (give or take) as well as a handful of the other 3/4ths: You can barely read words with more than three syllables, you're making the rest of the student body look bad by simply existing, you claim to smoke so much weed but probably can't tell the difference between low end mids and cat shit, you all have over-inflated egos, and you think you deserve everything. At least the weird kids you always mock know what it means to work for what you want. The real world will chew you up and spit you out like a piece of gum if you don't change, so you might want to learn how to grill processed meat sometime soon if you enjoy your Gangnam Style shirt and $200 shoes you can just buy dirt cheap in a couple of months at the local Goodwill.

...Well that was interesting.

I'm sorry if I started sounding like some sort of whiny bitch on here guys. And before anyone asks, yes, I still attend high school, yes, I'm really this pissed about everyone I mentioned, and yes, it can bite this much ass. Fortunately, the classes themselves don't suck and there are some good people that make all this shit almost vanish...
Damn, high school sounds shitty now. Glad I got out when I did.

Also, that sucks that they're ruining your German class. I only had between 5-7 people in mine for the year and half I took it and I fuckin' loved that.
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