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Death Grips -- San Francisco, CA -- December 3rd, 2012

Me and my pals got their late but it didn't matter, because the opening act was on like 45 minutes late. When we got there the place was fucking packed. I could tell it was gonna be a rough show, given footage from other Death Grips shows and seeing as how SF is as close to a home town show they're doing, there was a little extra energy.

Cities Aviv: Only opening act. They're an experimental hip-hop group. Just an MC and producer. They started with one kind of droning thing while the MC would shout "life is real". They then started their actual songs after a couple minutes of that. The crowd really dug them and a pit broke out after a couple songs, which surprised me. The MC totally vibed on that and got in the crowd a few times and stage dived, and there were people crowd surfing too. I really liked what I was hearing. Really bass heavy production that was sort of industrial at times, but the same way Jesu is industrial. Also there were some samples I really liked, don't know what they were, but they were sick. The MC was awesome too, spitting some philosophical shit and his voice was pretty low, some what resembling MC Ride. Definitely a fitting opening act.

Death Grips: After a decent wait, Death Grips came on and not even 2 seconds after they started the crowd was going straight insane. Mosh pits, crowd surfers and a constant push/shove all over the floor were present through out the whole set. It was really intense and super fun. MC Ride was on top of it most of the show, just being absolutely primal as could be. Zach Hill was a hero. That guy is a great drummer and he was going ballistic the whole set, doing a lot of crazy fills and just complimenting the music really well. He never took a break, which was really impressive. It probably would sound a little off if there were cymbals, so I understand why he didn't have any. The band just blasted through their set, no breaks in between songs. The monitors they had playing videos were really cool too. Playing shots from all their videos then some other footage. I noticed the crowd was most intense for the opening songs, Takyon, Guillotine, Spread Eagle Cross the Block, No Love, and The Fever. Only complaints were that they still had the lead vocal track playing in the instrumental for a few tracks. Also, I noticed MC Ride starting to strain his voice during No Love and The Fever, but that's to be expected. He's screaming in the mic like a mad hobo for about an hour night after night, you're probably gonna struggle for a little bit here and there. Overall, super intense show, one of the best I've seen in a while.

Death Grips
Come Up and Get Me
Lil Boy
Get Got
Takyon (Death Yon)
No Love
The Fever (Aye Aye)
Lord of the Game
Spread Eagle Cross the Block
I've Seen Footage
Deep Web
Lock Your Doors

As this was the last stop of the tour, they were low on merch and all they had were No Love Deep Web shirts, and I'm not gonna buy a shirt with a dick on it. I surprised with the number of people who did. They looked like damn fools.

Cities Aviv: 7/10
Death Grips: 9/10
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