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45. Accept - Stalingrad

Mark Tornillo is really proving that he is the right fit for Accept as Stalingrad is the second great album that he's released with them. This album probably has one of the best opening one-two punches of the year with Hung, Drawn and Quartered and Stalingrad. The former is a real rager wheras the latter is a slower paced song comparatively, but doesn't lack in intensity. The quality of the album kind of tapers off as the album goes on and the second half just can't keep up with the quality of the first half.

Accept - Hung, Drawn and Quartered
Accept - Stalingrad

44. Sabaton - Carolus Rex

Ah, Sabaton, some good ol' cheesy power metal with some symphonic elements. That essentially is what Sabaton is, except that they take some really interesting historical concepts to craft an album that goes beyond your average power metal themes of battle and glory. The subject of Carolus Rex is basically the history of the Swedish Empire. I really enjoy the choral vocals on this album. Especially in the track The Lion From the North. The keyboard/guitar solo switch off is also pretty cool.

Sabaton - The Lion From the North
Sabaton - Carolus Rex

43. Weapon - Embers and Revelations

After an impressive album in From the Devil's Tomb, Weapon releases a new album that looks to expand on their ferocious blackened death sound. Embers and Revelations sees them expanding more on the atmospheric elements that were present on the last album, but were mainly kept in the background. The frequent use of pinch harmonics kinda reminds me of Pantera or Rotting Christ covering Pantera in some songs. The vocals also have a really nice modern black metal feel as in the intensity of them.

Weapon - The First Witnesses of Lucifer
Weapon - Liber Lilith

42. Horrendous - The Chills

This is some great new old school death metal that someone on the board mentioned earlier in the year and I finally got around to checking out until last month. This is a really great death metal release that calls back to Swedish death metal (think Entombed) mixed with mid-era Death. The vocalist reminds me of John Tardy (Obituary) mixed with Lars from Entombed. Most of the solos on this album are notable as they are all pretty unique and interesting for the most part.

Horrendous - The Womb
Horrendous - Fleshrot

41. The Men - Open Your Heart

I first heard about this album from something Dethmaiden said in the 2012 thread and decided to check it out. This album, at the core, is indie rock, but with a cluster fuck of other influences that pop up on a song to song basis. Everything from Country to Hardcore is represented at some point. I'm not usually big on Indie, but the experimental nature of this album has kept me captivated through every play through. Usually an album tries to be seen as one cohesive piece of music, but Open Your Heart seems to go the opposite direction and tries to be as varied as possible.

The Men - Animal
The Men - Open Your Heart
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