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Alternative rock/Metal/Hardrock, not in order:

1) Cradle of filth
2) Korn
3) Channel zero
4) Volbeat
5) Guns & roses current edition
6) Sepultura current edition
7) Nickelback
8) Nirvana. Only because there are alternative rock bands, before & after, that are MUCH better. (Pixies, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden...)

Plus: deathcore, dubcore, unproduced black metal & porngrind.

When it comes to "other genres": Lady Gaga, rnb, jazz, boybands, Dutch/French/German "schlagermusic", Bieber, etc... But I have a huge taste in music, I always say "everything from Adele to Morbid Angel".
Music is my life - Everything from ADELE to Napalm Death.

07/04 - Rival Sons
01/05 - Gov't Mule
11/07 - Toto

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