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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
Why hate on Mutiny Within? I understand that people got annoyed in 2010 when they were on every single metal tour but they're not even together anymore, if that really annoyed you you should be over it by now.

Also, whats with all the Volbeat hate? I've heard that they get played on the radio in other states (never heard them on fm over here) but are they really that bad? I think they're a fun live band.
I was just listing bands that I generally hate their music and Mutiny Within falls under that category. I only saw them once and it was god awful. They just always come to mind when I think of bands I don't like.

I've never heard Volbeat on the radio, although I never listen to the radio. My main problem with Volbeat is the vocals. Can't stand 'em, which sucks because their concept sounds so promising on paper.
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