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Originally Posted by AnthG View Post
Ivan's cleans are the one potential saving grace to FFDP. It's his Pseudo-tough guy act he puts on for the "harsh" vocals and cringe worthy lyrics that really drive me nuts. He was never a great lyricist even on that first album, but from War is an Answer onwards his lyrics have gotten so repetitive and much more terrible. And that wouldn't be all that bad (there are tons of bands I love whose lyrics aren't very good) if the music itself wasn't so mundane. It's not that they aren't heavy enough or anything. The songwriting is just not good.
The lyrics really are the number one thing wrong with this band. I feel like he thinks he's a rebellious 8th grader still. As Wolverine said, he tries to be like Anselmo with the tough guy lyrics but he just comes off as juvenile and/or cheesy.
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