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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Wouldn't it work better if Vince was Hogan's manager and Austin was managed by Shane or someone else that hated Vince, maybe Paul Heyman? Just not Bischoff.
No, that's the point. It's also the point of Bobby Heenan "managing" Hogan. Hogan and Bobby Heenan were bitter archrivals throughout their whole careers, to the point of all Andre The Giant having to do to turn heel was simply join up with Heenan and let him be his mouthpiece.

The reason this works is because it adds an extra layer of suspense and unpredictability. Will Heenan screw Hogan? Will Vince screw Austin? It's similar to why people were drawn to Mike Tyson as the "special enforcer" for the HBK/Austin match in WM14.

That makes me think. Vince should stay retired from the ring but become a manager. He'd be fucking brilliant at it. Especially since he's trying to push all these guys that the WWE Universe doesn't give a fuck about. He'd be the perfect mouthpiece for them.
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