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Originally Posted by Ommie View Post
I like the sound of this.
Here is the deal. It was rumored to be in the works pending how well Hanneman progresses from his medical issues. Got this from one of the bands camps BUT I never posted a thread or put it on my facebook because it was nothing more than a list of bands Slayer were talking about bringing out on tour. It was far from being finalized or routed, etc. A few weeks after this was told to me Brent Hinds says they are hitting the studio in early January. Anthrax has a reissue of Worship Music + cover songs due in March. Slayer has a new album due out in the first half of next year. It sorta makes sense. I have not heard any more about it. Mastodon rushing back into the studio is odd, as if they have a deadline to meet for something. Just because it was talked about doesn't mean it will happen.
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