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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
Why does this thread have almost 200 pages? This tour is a fucking joke and shouldn't even be discussed here.
Its discussed here cause this is

Thrash. Black. Sludge. Death. Core. Alt. Industrial. Speed. Classic. Power. Groove. Nu. These are all forms of metal whether you like them or the bands that play it is up to you BUT unless the rules change people are free to discuss any parts of it they like. One reason it has so many pages is because haters come & hate. Which is odd to me because usually when someone posts about bands/tours I don't like I leave it alone. More power to those who like it.

Some folks here used to bitch about having numerous threads overrunning the forum for Mayhem/Warped/etc and now that there is only one they come here post about how they don't like it either. I hope Santa had his elves make a few extra panty unwadders this year cause they will make en excellent gift for some
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