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Originally Posted by hiddenzombie013 View Post
Your Rise Against setlist is incorrect. It was actually:

Read to Fall
Chamber the Cartridge
The Good Left Undone
Help is on the Way
The Dirt Whispered
Audience of One
Wait for Me
Re-Education (Through Labor)
Prayer of the Refugee
Swing Life Away
Give It All

The order is not 100% correct, but these are definitely all of the songs they played. I know he first 5 are in order and so are the last 3. I have a friend who got their setlist though, so I will ask him later. They also had Dancing for Rain and Make It Stop on the setlist, but had to cut them.

Also, this was a decent show. I had seen every band here beforehand except for SSPU and OMAM (and Wolf-face). I don't care to do a full review, but I'll rank the bands from best to worse with a score:

1. Flogging Molly: 8.75/10 (so much fun, may have to go see em in Orlando in February)
2. Of Monsters and Men: 8.25/10 (very good, enjoyed these guys a lot)
3. Rise Against: 8/10 (great band but worst of the three times I saw em. Good deep cut selection though)
4. Bush: 7.75/10 (good set, but was pretty much the same as last year's NBT)
5. Fun.: 7.5/10 (pretty decent. I like these guys. Some songs sounded great, others were disappointing. They were better at Bonnaroo)
6. Grouplove: 7.25/10 (definitely solid and fun, though they were also better at Bonnaroo)
7. The Joy Formidable: 7.25/10 (not as bad as their ranking indicates, but I don't know any of their stuff, and I didn't see their full set)
8. Silversun Pickups: 7/10 (was starving and dehydrated when they were on, but they weren't good enough to distract me from that. They were still decent though)
9. Paper Tongues: 5.5/10 (I'm just so tired of seeing them, even though they weren't too bad here)

So it was a decent time. The venue choice was awful compared to the last few years, but I can't complain too much (I went for free). I had fun though.
RA only played 12 songs, because of the technical/sound difficulties, their set was cut by a couple songs,
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