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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Main Event:
CM Punk vs Steve Austin
(If Austin loses he must make the pledge to be straight edge. If Punk loses he can't leave the ring until he drinks a glass of Crown Royale whiskey)
For the longest time I thought CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin was the stupidest idea for a match ever, but this stipulation would make it interesting.

Anyways. I always thought Rock vs. Hogan aside, WM18 was a missed opportunity in terms of pitting WCW vs WWF. I posted this elsewhere and I'll post it here.

Wrestlemania 18 reimagined
Main event (everyone would be whatever condition they were around 2002):

The Rock vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Austin vs. Flair

Jericho vs. DDP (title unification match)

Lita vs Torrie Wilson HLA match

Terry Funk vs. The Undertaker

Macho Man vs. HHH

Goldberg vs. Mick Foley

Tag team:
Road Warriors vs. The Dudley Boys

Trish Stratus vs. Stephanie McMahon vs. Stacy Keibler Pasties oil match (match ends when Jerry Lawler faints)

Tag team:
Edge & Christian vs. Kevin Nash & Scott Hall

Sting vs. Kane

"Ultimate Warrior, I'm comin for you nigga!"

Tag team:
APA vs. Steiners Bros.

submission match:
Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Perfect


Brock Lesnar vs. Haku (this would rule and you know it)
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