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I need some more time to soak in my last 3 albums (although one is just a greatest hits but it has two new tracks on it so I'll review it anyways) so I'm gonna go ahead and do my biggest disappointment of 2012.

Album #0: Steve Harris - British Lion
September 24, 2012

Steve is my favorite musician and my personal hero but this album sucks. I hate to have to say that because I was stoked to hear him do something that was outside of his usual Maiden style. After listening to the online stream for this album maybe three or four times through, I decided to not even buy it.

I think the biggest problem here is that the players he's surrounded himself with are noticeably mediocre. The vocalist definitely fits that description. His vocals have no power and no emotion. They're just flat, stale, and uninteresting. I probably would have preferred that the songs just be instrumentals. But he isn't the only problem, it just seems like nothing stands out on this album. There are a few decent choruses, and even some ok songs but it all ends up feeling pretty bland.

I was listening to an internet stream so the quality wasn't as good as it could have been but I didn't really notice any bass playing that stood out to me. Just seemed to go along with the song without breaking out of the box and really shredding. I was at least hoping for some cool bass solos a la Blood on The Worlds Hands or The Clairvoyant or something. There are a few decent tracks such as This Is My God, Lost Worlds, and A World Without Heaven. Tracks like Eyes of the Young and Karma Killer just freakin suck and the rest is ho-hum.

A letdown. I hope a future Steve Harris solo album sees Steve releasing new tracks written by him, not decades old songs co-written by nobodys with very limited chops.

6/17 - Meshuggah
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