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Rise Against -- St. Petersburg, FL -- December 1st, 2012

Wolf-Face - The "battle of the bands" winner to be on the festival, their music sounded very Polar Bear Club ish, but they all wore wolf mask/hair, yellow basketball uniforms, and most of their music had something to do with the movie Teen Wolf, they sounded really good but i wish they'd drop the gimmicj. - 6/10

Twenty One Pilots - Some of the best indie-rap I've ever heard, it was a 2 man band. the vocalist/pianist reminded me of Bo Burnham, his fast and quirky rapping caught the crowd's attention, their drummer played non stop funky/groove beats the whole time and got most of the crowd dancing to their music, they really impressed myself and everyone else there, would go see again - 7.5/10

The Joy Formidable - The next big female fronted band in my opinion, they were so incredibly heavy for a indie pop band, they made me think of a Yeah Yeah Yeahs mixed with Soundgarden and the first Muse album, they sounded and played great, would go see again - 8/10

Paper Tongues - The only band of the day i didn't enjoy at all, the music itself wasn't bad, but the singer had that "I'm the man" attitude, also i didn't enjoy all of the effects he was using with the microphone, they just overall were very boring - 3/10

Grouplove - I had never listened to them before their performance and i was impressed, they definitely are not your average indie band, only complaint was i couldn't hear the vocals (it was so bad the crowd started chanting "turn up the mics", but besides that a very solid performance, I'll have to check them out again - 7/10

Flogging Molly - The main reason i was there, I've been listening to them for 5 years and had never seen them, and they didn't let down in the slightest, they had a great interaction with the crowd, and sounded perfect, could have had a better setlist but oh well, their cover of "Times They Are A Changing" by Bob Dylan was awesome as well, i would go see them again multiple times - 9/10

Of Monsters & Men - I had been hearing about this band for a month but never checked them out until their performance, not what i was expecting at all (in a good way), they were definitely the softest band of the day but after 4 hours of hectic crowd surfers it was a nice change of pace, they have a very interesting sound to say the least, it's not often I hear a band whom don't sound like anyone else, I'll check them out again at some point - 7/10

Fun - It was unfortunately almost impossible to enjoy this band because of the idiotic crowd, their sound was nearly flawless but then setlist was beyond disappointing, but the crowd went insane for their 2 big singles, I'd watch them again if they're at a festival but i don't think I'd pay to see them headline, they were ok but a little boring - 6.5/10

Silversun Pickups - The reason for about 65% of the entire attendance i think, I've liked this band for a few years and was pretty excited to see them for the first time, and their sound was some of the most crystal clear sound quality I've ever heard, also apparently their bassist is expecting twin girls so they had a replacement (another girl who looked a lot like Sara from "Tegan And Sara", and she was awesome, they played all of their best songs, glad i finally got to see them - 8/10

Bush - This band is hit or miss for me, i really enjoy several songs but the rest of them are extremely boring at times, their played all of their hits like "Come Down" and "Machinehead", they sounded exactly like they do on CD but didn't put on much of a performance - 6.5/10

Rise Against - One of the very first modern rock bands i got into, so it was a long time coming for me to see them live, and they were awesome, their sound was perfect, Tim is one of the best vocalists in punk/rock today, they had some technical difficulties that caused them to cut 3 songs from their set, but they more than made up for it, I would more than definitely go see them again. - 9/10

Rise Against

2)Ready To Fall
3)Chamber The Cartridge
4)The Good Left Undone
5)Help Is On The Way
6)The Dirt Whispered
7)Audience Of One
8)Wait For Me
9)Re-Education (Through Labor)
11)Prayer Of The Refugee
12)Swing Life Away (acoustic)
13)Give It All

Bush (not exact order)

2)All My Life
3)The Chemicals Between Us
4)The Sound Of Winter
5)Everything Zen
7)Come Together (The Beatles cover)
8)Greedy Fly
9)Little Things

Silversun Pickups

1)Skin Graph
2)The Royal We
3)Bloody Mary (Never Endings)
4)Little Lover's So Polite
5)Mean Spirits
6)The Pit
7)Panic Switch
8)Dots And Dashes (Enough Already)
9)Lazy Eye


1)Carry On
2)One Foot
3)Why Am I The One
4)At Least I'm Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)
5)It Gets Better
7)We Are Young
8)You Can't Always Get What You Want (Rolling Stones cover)
9)Some Nights

Of Monsters & Men

1)Dirty Paws
2)From Finner
3)Slow And Steady
4)Mountain Sound
5)King And Lionheart
6)Lake House
7)Little Talks
8)Six Weeks

Flogging Molly

1)The Likes Of You Again
2)The Speed Of Darkness
5)Drunken Lullabies
6)If I Ever Leave This World Alive
7)Saints & sinners
8)The Times They Are-A Changing (Bob Dylan cover)
9)What's Left Of The Flag
10)Seven Deadly Sins


1)Itchin' On A Photograph
2)Naked Kids
3)Lovely Cup
6)Get High
7)Close Your Eyes And Count To Ten
9)Tongue Tied
10)I Wanna Dance (With Some Who Loves Me) (Whitney Houston cover)

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