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Originally Posted by MetalIsArt View Post
Anthrax should've kept John. I really, really like them with Joey, but looking back... I've listened more to the albums with him.
It wasn't up to Anthrax, John didn't want to stay after they dropped him out of nowhere in favor of the 2007 reunion with Joey. If he wanted back in, Anhrax would've never got Dan Nelson as their singer. They still wanted John though and you can tell because everything on Worship Music was written with his voice in mind. As good of a job that Joey does on that album it would've been ten times better if John had sung on it.

Joey is a great melodic singer but the guy has zero emotion in his vocals and that's where John has him beat. Bush's voice has an unbelieveable amount of passion and feeling in it. You honestly can tell how much he's into what he's doing and that he cares about the words he singing. Joey is a great singer but he doesn't have those vocal qualities at all.
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