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Here's one of many dream cards I could come up with. Like rj said all guys are in their prime here.

Arn Anderson vs Chris Benoit

Falls Count Anywhere:
The Dudley Boys vs Demolition

Raven vs Jake The Sanke Roberts

Submission Match:
Samoa Joe vs Taz

ECW Rules Match:
Cactus Jack vs Rob Van Dam

(yes, i'm going old school with an intermission during a PPV)

Ric Flair vs Daniel Bryan

Randy Savage vs Kurt Angle

Hell In A Cell:
The Undertaker/Kane vs The Road Warriors

Chris Jericho vs Mr. Perfect
(the winner earns the right to call themselves "GOD" and no one is allowed to dispute their claim)

Main Event:
CM Punk vs Steve Austin
(If Austin loses he must make the pledge to be straight edge. If Punk loses he can't leave the ring until he drinks a glass of Crown Royale whiskey)

I like to see anyone top that
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