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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
It never could've happened. There were too many big names in metal back in the day for them to get to that level. Their first three albums are good but they're not top tier level good. They did find some success with Symbol Of Salvation but the musical climate changed not too long after that and John left to join Anthrax, so it was never really meant to be with them. Now, if their first few albums were as good and SOS and Revelation which I think are their best ones, then yes they could've got big back then. They should've been a little bigger but the band hit their stride a little too late and metal wasn't the cool thing anymore when they released their best material.

I know John was busy with Anthrax but taking ten years between albums doesn't help a bands popularity when they weren't that big to begin with.
Anthrax should've kept John. I really, really like them with Joey, but looking back... I've listened more to the albums with him.
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