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39. Opera Diabolicus - †1614

An odd find that I came across on the site. The opening track is easily one of the darkest things I've heard in most recent years, and it lures the listener in quite seductively. Snowy Shaw contributes leads, as well as the guy from Dream Evil whose name I can't remember. Genre wise, I'm not too sure how to describe it, but if I were to take a gander I'd say doom-ish, dark, and theatrical. I suppose this is one of the reasons I like it so much. It can't really fit into one exact niche, but I feel it has appeal across a broad fanbase. The tone of the album is so dark without becoming melancholy, and I like that a lot. I'm interested to hear more from these guys, assuming this wasn't a one-off project. I highly recommend the track 'Forbidden' as well, practically on par with the recommended track below.

"The Gates" -

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