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Originally Posted by w00tasaurus View Post
Urgh.. I have been really disappointed in pretty much everything Eluveitie's done since Slania. Hate their female vocals and think they sound like pop music or something now. Maybe I should give them another chance since I'll be going to this.

Would I have a better chance of enjoying Everything Remains (As it Never Was) or Helvetios?

Also never really checked out Varg -- where should I start there?
Odd review. Pop music? Have you heard Anna in The Siege? They always had backup vocals that were female and were more chanting/melodic.

Chrigel/Anna on vocals:

Originally Posted by zerkz View Post
It's pretty hard to say that songs like The Siege sound like pop music...

but it could be said that they do have more female-presence in their music. They've had female vocals present since Ven though.
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