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Originally Posted by NickLed19 View Post
They play like 7 songs from Hysteria every damn show. Def Leppard is a joke at this point. I want to hear Wasted, or Another Hit and Run....not fucking Love Bites.
Well,I've seen them twice and the second time was in all ways better then the first.The first time they only did 14 or 15 songs,second time they did like 18 including a acoustic medley of songs,so really it's not that they need to get rid of their hits (which will NEVER happen in 100,000 years,that's definitely a promise),what they need to do is get rid of the opening acts,making their sets longer,and have rotating spots for other songs in their set.They do Let It Go and High & Dry (Saturday Night) very often now,their not hits but the crowd enjoys them just as much as Love Bites and Rock Of Ages,so they are going to be able to add more like that if they are just willing to do it.Look at Bon Jovi for crying out loud,they play without openers (most of the time),have sets that last anywhere between 23-30 songs,their set is different every night,and have tons of songs that aren't hits.
6/28 - Def Leppard/Styx/Tesla
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