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41. Slash - Apocalyptic Love

The follow-up to the self-titled was certainly more 'organized' in that Myles Kennedy was the only singer on the album, and the band sounded more tight and cohesive as a unit. This isn't to say that the guest singers on the past album were bad, quite frankly most of those songs were pretty good. Regardless, it was nice to see that Slash gave Myles more of the spotlight. He is an amazing singer and easily one of the best in hard rock/metal music right now. However, this album is still just a precursor to what I believe Slash could be. I've always respected his song-writing skills to the highest degree, and his technicality is still nothing to scoff at. This album is a step in the right direction, but it still doesn't fully capture the potential of Slash and Myles together. What's more strange to me is the two bonus tracks are better than half the album. Especially Carolina.

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