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Metallica & Mastodon albums are in the order I like them best. No trolling. My fav albums from each band may not coincide with the elitist lists or the cool kids lists but its what I like.

I usually get shit about my Metallica list if MoP or the first two albums aren't in my top 3. I like Justice best as it was angrier, darker & a bit more progressive than the others. I hated Load when it first came out but as I got older & compared it to other hard rock (cause its not metal) albums it really grew on me & I love almost all of the songs even though the style is not in the same vein as the earlier albums which took a long time to adjust to. Too bad we had to rank all albums or else I would have left ReLoad & St. Anger off the list.

As for Mastodon most of those albums are very close imo but I like Leviathan & The Hunter a bit more than the others.
1-13 Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals

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