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I'm not sure which bands you're already into, so I'm just going to recommend a bunch of stuff.

Aspid (technical thrash metal from Russia - I linked you to the original version. The remastered one is sped up.) - Extravasation
Arghoslent (death metal) -Incorrigible Bigotry
Asphyx (death metal) - Last One on Earth
Bolt Thrower (death metal) - Realm of Chaos
Carcass (death metal - If you haven't listened to this album, you need to.) - Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious
Carcass (death metal / grindcore - Same goes for this one.) - Symphonies of Sickness
Destruction (German thrash) - Release from Agony
Disincarnate (death metal) - Dreams of the Carrion Kind
Dismember (Swedish death metal) - Like an Ever Flowing Stream
Gorguts (death metal) - The Erosion of Sanity
Lykathea Aflame (technical / brutal death metal w/ Middle Eastern influences - amazing one of a kind album) - Elvenefris
Merciless (death / thrash) - The Awakening
Monstrosity (death metal - Before Corpsegrinder joined Cannibal Corpse, he was in this band.) - Imperial Doom
Morbid Saint (thrash) - Spectrum of Death
Razor (thrash) - Violent Restitution
Revenant (death / thrash) - Prophecies of a Dying World
Ripping Corpse (death / thrash) - Dreaming with the Dead
Sacrilege (thrash / crust - awesome band that nobody talks about) - Behind the Realms of Madness
Sadistic Intent (death metal) - Ancient Black Earth
Ulysses Siren (thrash metal - Lesser known Bay Area band that broke up after releasing two demos. They recently reformed.) - Above the Ashes
Vio-Lence (thrash metal) - Eternal Nightmare
Voivod - (thrash metal) - Killing Technology

And if you liked Cro-Mags here are some more hardcore bands to check out.

Chain of Strength (youth crew) - The One Thing that Still Holds True
Harm's Way (incredibly heavy band from Chicago) - Isolation
Integrity (metallic hardcore from Cleveland) - Those Who Fear Tomorrow
Judge (nyhc / youth crew) - Bringin' it Down
Madball (nyhc) - Set it Off
Outburst (nyhc - If you like this you should also check out their songs on the compilation Where the Wild Things Are) - Miles to Go
Sick of it All (nyhc) - Blood, Sweat and No Tears
Terror (influenced by nyhc) - Lowest of the Low
Youth of Today (youth crew) - Break Down the Walls
6.3 Voivod
6.5 Discharge
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